Volunteers & Partners.

We are excited to announce that at Kingfisher-Sekanawo, our mission objectives are beginning to bear fruit. We are constantly humbled with the support we get from people like you. A number of volunteers have begun partnering with us in helping the disadvantaged in Malawi. Many kids are now able to continue their education because of our wonderful partners. Below are some of our partners and the children they are sponsoring.

Hugo Cheyne

United Kingdom

Hugo has been supportive to our vision. Here are the children he is helping out go to school:

Robert Mwamulowe

Titani Chirambo

Elvin Mwamulowe

Sekanawo Fund


Children we are directly sponsoring their education

Mavuto Phili

Judith Mwandila

Happy Kakota

Nathan Grayson


Nathan has been awesome as well. Here is a future he is supporting 👉

Rabson Nyasulu

Gold Rush event

Toby and his wife, Marco, Eric and Annik have been so generous in helping the livelihood of this young man.

Molton Munthali